Monday, March 28, 2011

The never-ending travel day

Yesterday's travel was extremely long! We got up at 5am to catch our 7am flight from Lansing to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our flight from Lansing was delayed by about 1.5 hours, and we nearly missed our next flight to Vancouver. We had to run through the airport with our bags and just barely got to the plane before they closed the doors. Whew! So glad we made it.

Once in Vancouver, we met another researcher at the University of British Columbia, who helped us to pack up all the gear we would need on our trip. Some of things we packed included a yellow canoe, fish traps, nets, buckets, rain boots, and four big coolers that we will use to transport the fish from the lakes to the airport when we fly back to Lansing.

After we packed up our gear, we took 3 ferries up the coast of British Columbia (see map below). We finally arrived at our destination by 11:45pm Pacific time, which means we had been up for almost 22 hours!
Blue lines show where we took ferries. Red lines indicate our driving route.

This morning we got up early and put out fish traps at two lakes: Paxton Lake and Priest Lake (see map below). We caught some fish, but not as many fish as we were hoping to catch. Hopefully tomorrow will be even more successful.
The two lakes on Texada Island where we trapped fish today.